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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


We address some of the frequently asked questions from clients and potential clients.


Big Data - What is it? How do I know if I need it?


Big Data is term used to define data that is very large in size and cannot be processed by traditional database management systems.  AlyData provides a Big Data Use Case service as a fixed price engagement.  Our advisors use a proprietary methodology and templates to interview key stakeholders to capture business challenges and identify those that can be solved by Big Data technologies.


I have too many data sources and data. How do I rationalize it and deal with it?


This is a question that is posed to us on a regular basis.  As data experts, AlyData advisors will work with you to scan your data eco-system using profiling tools - to identify which ones store business critical data.  We then rationalize the stores and provide a plan of action to integrate and analyze the data - to drive business results.


Does Big Data replace my Data Warehouse? 


No, Big Data doesn't typically replace your warehouse, but augments it.  It gives you the capability to process very large data sets that can not be processed by traditional systems.  Big Data can also ingest and process unstructured and semi-structured data that you aren't able to process currently.



How do I know if my systems are compromised?


AlyData's Cyber Security practice specializes in architecting and designing a robust data security and privacy capability for clients.  A critical component of this is constant monitoring of your cyber exposure coupled with alerts.  Our advisors also provide custom solutions to address your firm's specific needs.

Can AlyData help me with Big Data Analytics?


AlyData advisors specialize in Analytics.  We provide services to evaluate Analytics products to select the best ones for your firm, followed by developing the data integration, staging and processing capability to prepare the data.  The final step is to build the Analytics capabilities using leading products.  AlyData partners with industry leaders in Big Data and Analytics.

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