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AlyData White Papers & Case Studies

Problem: Information Management practitioners tend to focus on what data is and not what data does.

Solution: AlyData's methodology focuses on the value provided by data and less on the data itself. This helps our associates provide innovative solutions to our clients.

Problem: Transitioning from SAP Enterprise to SAP Business One. Lack of data and change management expertise.

Solution: AlyData provided data analysis, data conversion and migration services, coupled with data governance, change and program management.

Result: On time and on budget delivery. Reduced operating expenses by $2 million per year for client.

Problem: Client sued by Department of Justice for healthcare fraud. Potential $10 million fine and criminal prosecution for client's staff and owners.


Solution: AlyData's Data Scientists assisted the client's staff and legal team by benchmarking client's claims and operations againsts it's peers nationwide. 


Result: Anlaytics and metrics put client's legal team in a very strong position to defend the case. Resulted in over $8 million in savings for client.

Problem: Who's on point for data? Many organizations are hiring Chief Data Officers to do just this, but how effective is this role?

Solution: Hiring CDOs is a good first step, but this role needs the right level of support and sponsorship from the C-Level and Board to drive change and enable business results.

Problem: As more organizations realize the significance of Big Data and rely on it for corporate strategic decision-making, the need for a disciplined data risk management system has also become crucial. While organizations leverage on the quicker and easier access to Big Data to gain competitive advantage, the risk of exposure to sensitive information implies the need to implement a well-monitored authorization access to the Data. Another factor that organizations need to look into is the quality of the data. They need to consistently update the quality of their data based on its reliability, its relevance and the value that can be extracted from it, to make the most of it.


  • Key points on managing risks and maintaining risk intelligence in a data-rich age

  • The importance of building quality data and how to gain value from it

  • Real-life scenarios from the retail and logistics, energy, healthcare and insurance, and finance sectors

Problem: We are facing a data deluge and organizations have to implement new methods to gain insights from it quickly.

Solution: Predictive Analytics is one way to proactively run a business or see problems before the arise. AlyData's associates assist cients in addessing such issues.

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